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Unable to send or receive picture messages while on WiFi - but only iPhones!

I’ve had my hub nearly 2 years now and all was great until about 6 months ago when I suddenly found that I couldn’t send, or receive, mms on my iPhone while connected to my BT broadband. Not a new phone, and had worked fine until this point. Lots of testing followed - android phones have no problem, but other iPhones have same issue as mine once connected to my WiFi. Mms sends fine on 4g or when phone connects to WiFi elsewhere. Also impacts iPhone backup and other functions. The broadband is great and fast and otherwise fine. Have tried the usual reboots etc, and reported to BT but I’m losing the will to live trying to explain a weird problem over and over and being asked if I’ve tried turning the hub off and on. Has anyone else encountered this and do you know a) what’s happening and b) how to fix it! 

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