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Unable to view bill

Since I received my latest bill notification on the 26 January I have been trying to view it using multiple browser on different PC's  but all I see is a blank page , see attached below. Any ideas on what the issue could be?


BT Your Bills.png

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Re: Unable to view bill

I am having the same problem using Google Chrome on a Windows 10 laptop. I tried Microsoft Edge on the same computer and details are visible.

I suspect that this is a caching problem with the browser but don't have time, at the moment, to clear cache and/or restart.

More details if I find a better solution.

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Re: Unable to view bill

Unable to view bills 06 sept 2022.

Never been a problem before.

Win10 Chrome (won't go near Edge).

The box next to view my bills is view my products, that works fine.

Noit been having a good day with BT, 28-minutes to renew line rental saver, no PIN sent in time, keying in 16digit numbers on the phone etc.

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