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Unbreakable Broadband - Hybrid Connect - Great.

It works! 🙂

My HTTP fibre, inexplicably, went off in the night.

I have my Hybrid Connect connected but switched off at the plug. So after doing the usual checks. I switched it on and after about ten minutes. My Smart Hub 2 switched over to it in "resilience" mode.

I get two bars on the Hybrid Connect for a 90db signal. This gives me about 35 Mbit down and 5 Mbit up.

I was able to resume watching my video and when I checked again, about an hour later. It had switched back over to my HTTP.

It's nice to have it as a back-up and nice to know that I need not leave it powered on 24/7.

Well done BT.

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Re: Unbreakable Broadband - Hybrid Connect - Great.

Nice to hear good news for a change. 😀

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Re: Unbreakable Broadband - Hybrid Connect - Great.

I'll second that @licquorice 

Thanks for the fantastic post @supertedster .



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Re: Unbreakable Broadband - Hybrid Connect - Great.

This is good to read. I have just obtained Halo 3 with Hybrid Connect, although am still awaiting the Fibre Upgrade to come. My comment is whether it is really necessary to have the Connect box on and running all the time. I see that you did not have it permanently switched on and yet were able to get going soon after an outage.

The "Unbreakable Broadband" seems particularly useful for small businesses who want continual online access, for domestic users like me who use broadband mostly for downloads, is it just OK to have it off mostly? The exception might be if BT expects that the Fibre will often have these outages, in which case it should be kept on full time?

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Re: Unbreakable Broadband - Hybrid Connect - Great.

It's not really unbreable.  The EE 4G network has been down for almostb 3 full days here in my part of Northumberland.

When the power went off for 10 hours, so did the Hybrid Connect device.  It needs a battery back-up.  And it needs the EE 4G network and as this is currently unavailable any further disruption to electricity supply or broadband over the wire, then it's broken.


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