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Understanding my bill and being charged correctly

Hi all,

I don't understand my bill fully and need some help please. I can't understand that now the new quarterly bill has been produced, I am only £68.84 in DEBIT but BT still continue taking £120.00 a month like they have done for the last 10 months or so. Please can someone explain to me in real basic english.

Background Info: Quarterly bill being paid by monthly DD. No payments missed in 10+ months.

Lastest bill produced is 28th March and i for 3 months.





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Re: Understanding my bill and being charged correctly

please delete your bill as that is personal information and this is a public forum - for your security

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Re: Understanding my bill and being charged correctly

You're on a monthly payment plan, where you pay a fixed amount each month regardless of the bill amount, it's an old style way of paying, a whole bill direct debit is easier with monthly bills, that way you only pay the bill amount, no guess work so you'll never build up a credit or debt.

Looking at the bill amount (which should really be hidden) it appears you could potentially save money by contacting the Loyalty team on 0800 800 150, ask for an account review, see what discounts are available, get your call charges reviewed as the new calling plans are much better value and see what TV changes you can make.

You might end up with better services and a few extra quid in your pocket each month in savings.

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