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Upgrade to Fibre


I  renewed my contract with BT (Fibre 1) last month.

Recently our BT installed Fibre (FTTP) to our house and if I check availability of the packages as new customer, I can see Full Fibre packages are available at our house.  However, I am unable to see any upgrade offer in my account and when I spoke to a customer representative few weeks back, he cannot see the upgrade option either.

I am wondering is there any possibility to upgrade to full fibre ?

many thanks,


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Re: Upgrade to Fibre

Call the FTTP team. 0800 587 4787

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Re: Upgrade to Fibre

@pippincp, Many thanks!. I called the number, after going back and forth with fibre team and sales team (sales team cannot see full fibre), I was told that there is a fault in my line (at BT end) and raised the issue for fixing. I was told that it will take upto 5 days and asked me to call them next Thursday and the representative guaranteed the package and price that I was after (fingers crossed!).

I will update this next week if its helpful to others.

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Re: Upgrade to Fibre

@pippincp To update. I called the fibre team today (as instructed) and it seems they haven't managed to fix whatever they want to fix (associate my phone number to line?) but the person on the phone was super helpful and after a long hold he said, he can offer the full fibre and transferred me to "sales support". Nic from Sales support raised a new Full Fibre order for me and now waiting for a visit from Engineer to get this sorted. I hope after the completion of this, the problem with my line will get resolved and I should be able to go/upgrade via normal route. Now fingers crossed!

Only unhappy part that I was unable to get the deal that I was hoping for. They mentioned it is an old deal/campaign even tough it is still in BT webpage and I can go and place an order (as new customer). I couldn't go that route as it will cancel my BT contract and the sales support team won't upgrade me to that deal saying its old (although its still online).

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Re: Upgrade to Fibre

In a way a good result. If the price is still available on BT's website ring them back and see if you get someone different who can do it for you. Ring during the day if you can.

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Re: Upgrade to Fibre

Just thought to update this:

1) So as I mentioned in the previous post, I managed to oder Full Fibre 100 and a BT engineer was supposed to come on 21st August. However, no one turned up and the order was showing complete. When I contacted BT Fibre team, the support person couldn't find what is wrong and referred this to some investigating team. I received a call from someone in investigating team saying there is some problems with my account and he will get that corrected. He promised someone will call back in a week or so. (Both support agents were very helpful and excellent!)

2) I received a call back in a week and agent said all corrected and she is making a new order and booking an engineer in a week or so. However, while on the phone I found that that order also went straight to "complete" (I am glad I check while on the phone). Again the agent had no clue thats going on and she has now referred to engineering team (previously it was account team). Now waiting for a call back from BT...

I have not idea whats going wrong with my account and why I can't order Full Fibre (although they say I can receive it). My orders (placed by agents) are not going forward and never reaching Engineering team!

Anyone has any similar experience? 



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Re: Upgrade to Fibre

Seems like a wierd one, I haven't heard if it before. Appears that agent is on the case for you though.

Please keep us updated.

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Re: Upgrade to Fibre

02/09/2020: Update:

I called FTTP team today as no one got back to me yet from BT. Now the agent is saying she identified the problem which is "the records show that I already have Fibre installed", while I don't have one. I have FTTP installed till outside the house but no ONT modem or anything related to FTTP inside the house. She is going to send this to Records team to get it corrected and said someone will call back by Monday (?). So I am being passed on to all the teams in BT; accounts team, engineering team and now Records team..

I will keep you updated. Hopefully it will get resolved before my renewal date in 24 months!

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Re: Upgrade to Fibre

05/09/2020 Update:

Someone from BT Fibre team called this evening but I couldn't pick it up. I received a text saying "Fibre is now available to the property and give the sales team a call back etc etc". So I called the Fibre team again and the agent whom I spoke has no idea why I received that call and text as the issue is still not resolved. She tried to place an order again but failed and couldn't even book an appointment. She contacted her manager and said that her manager will look into it and contact the people who look after the system to see why orders are failing.

I think I am now going in circles and everything each agents find their own conclusion about the problems and say they will fix it. It would be nice, if I can speak to one single person. It seems like I have allready talked to most of the agents in Dundee and Accrington.

@pippincp I am wondering whether any mods here can help me with this issue? or the only way forward is via Fibre team (hopefully there will be some light at the end of the tunnel)?


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Re: Upgrade to Fibre

Unfortunately the mods here can't assist with FTTP issues.

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