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Upgrading to Full Fibre 900

Hi, was just wondering if there is another way to upgrade to the new top broadband package? (Full Fibre 900) I tried doing it online and got this message. I already checked the availability which said I can get it but for some reason I've had this message show up for a while on my account.Annotation 2020-03-25 163328.png

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Re: Upgrading to Full Fibre 900

Try phoning 0800800030 and see if options team can get you upgraded

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Re: Upgrading to Full Fibre 900

Would just like to update on this a little. I was able to get in contact with someone today but as they went to do a speedtest they came back and said I'd require an engineer to complete the upgrade to Full Fibre 900. I thought it would have been a simple call and done sort of thing but apparently I have to wait until June, at the earliest for an engineer to come out and do whatever needs done... Honestly thought everything was set up fine 😞

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Re: Upgrading to Full Fibre 900

Do you currently have FTTP?

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Re: Upgrading to Full Fibre 900

yeah, full FTTP setup in a cupboard under the stairs. I'm currently on what was BT's top broadband package (Fibre 250) before the new Full Fibre packages became available.

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Re: Upgrading to Full Fibre 900

Can't see why it would need an engineer visit. I wonder if @Starwire  knows?

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Re: Upgrading to Full Fibre 900

I too am having exactly the same issue, trying to upgrade from 100 to 500.  Spoke to an advisor at BT and was told openreach are taking no new orders until 1/6.  I’ve already got the equipment installed and running...

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