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Using phone sockets as network extensions



I have just had Fibre connected to my new home,  The modem is installed under the stairs.  I recieved a smart hub 2 which I understand needs to be connected directly to the modem so is also under the stairs.


The sales guy told me I would be able to use any of the phone sockets around the house as network sockets.


I've tried this using an ADSL filter and a cable converting RJ11 to RJ45 but this didn't work.  Was the sales person correct?  Could anyone walk me through how?  I'm looking for a fast connecting in a couple of different rooms. 



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Re: Using phone sockets as network extensions

No, it won’t work as it sounds like it’s just Phone Sockets around the house.

You would need Data Lines using at least Cat5e Grade cable or higher from the Hub Location to whichever point around the house you want them.

When you say New Home is it New as in New Build or as in New to you but built in 1957?

If it’s a New Build sometimes the Developer puts in Data Cabling as per Openreachs New Sites Developers Information Pack but it’s ultimately down to the Developer. I tend to find most don’t do it, maybe just put a couple of Phone LJU’s around the house, that’s all.
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Re: Using phone sockets as network extensions



Thanks for the reply.  It's a new build.  I'll check with the developer to see if they can tell me exactly what they have put in.  

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