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Re: Minimum Mac OS / browser versions

Thank you.  I shall be waiting for it.

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Re: Minimum Mac OS / browser versions

Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 12.35.32.png 

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Re: Minimum Mac OS / browser versions

As part of our renewed contracts with the football leagues, we're now required to add content protection to our all our live video streams. This was enabled on the web site last week, in time for the new football season.

Sounds like we missed a few help articles online though - I'll get those updated ASAP. I'll also make sure that the helpdesks are correctly briefed with the latest requirements.

Sorry, but there's no going back - older browser versions can no longer be supported.
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Re: Minimum Mac OS / browser versions

this should of been made clear before I and many others like me, signed up for the package.

I am shielding as I am clinically extremely vulnerable. This is why I choose the full package, i'm a former life season ticket holder until recent health issues meant i sadly had to give up my season ticket,  I can't go to a pub or to a stadium to watch the games. 

I told BT in advance what I was planning to do with my iPhones and MacBooks and my TV. I was told everything is fine re, system requirements, It wasn't a problem last season. I was able to watch BT sport on all of my same devices.  

Out of date guidance

out of date troubleshooter

misleading confusing/conflicting advice from BT tech support and people who don't actually work for BT. 

I think I'm going to re think about the recent subscription. 


I appreciate you trying to help but it just seems to cause more confusion for me. 

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Re: Minimum Mac OS / browser versions

Just to be clear - I do work for BT. I'm one of the lead developers for BT Sport, but I also help out on these forums in my spare time.
Have you checked whether your Mac can be updated to a newer OS version? This could solve all your issues, as long as your hardware isn't too old. This was the first result I found on Google - it may help you understand your options:
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Re: Minimum Mac OS / browser versions

If it is not possible that you can change the VC089 message to recognise Mac OS versions that aren't supported then unfortunately I will have no choice other than to discontinue my BT Sport subscription. Would be shame.

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Re: Minimum Mac OS / browser versions

What an absolutely ridiculous thing to say @SillyOldCodger 

If this thread has already told you that your MacOS version is too old, what difference would it make what message is shown on the web site!?


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Re: Minimum Mac OS / browser versions

I received a phone call from BT tech support a week after I requested assistance 

they apologised and said were sorry we didn’t update our out of date troubleshooting guidance regarding how to solve this and other issues, they also told me they are trying working on a solution.

well, I have my router and TV box now so at least I can watch it at home.
but if my BT internet connection goes down then I’m buggered, I won’t be able to use the BT stream via website. 

unless tech support resolve the tech issues 

there’s thousands of subscribers that are having the same issue aparantly  

not just a couple of people on this not very helpful forum. 

I’m only replying as I feel silly old codgers frustration too

i don’t participate on social media 

I never have, but my advice to anyone On here who does, would be to setup some kind of collective group for people having issues with BT 

collectively, brotherhood, sisterhood, it may hopefully make a difference and give BT Tech the big nudge They need to resolve this. 

good luck @SillyOldCodger 



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Re: Minimum Mac OS / browser versions

Just to be clear again @oniontwelve - we're not working on a solution. The helpdesk should not have stated otherwise.
We'll be updating our help to make sure it references the current minimum requirements, but cannot support older MacOS versions.
All Mac devices made in the last 10 years should be upgradeable to at least MacOS 10.12 - the minimum version required. If you have older hardware then I'm afraid it's no longer possible to watch BT Sport from it.
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Re: The way you cast BT Sport is changing

Agreed there is no need for abuse but I can understand other subscribers' frustrations.  I get no joy with either Firefox or Safari - both latest versions - on a Macbook.  The simple fact is: this problem has been caused by a change at BT . .  "the way you cast BT Sport is changing".  Indeed!

A retired BT engineer friend suggests it might be a matter of insufficient download speed.  I live in a remote, rural area.  No superfast fibre here, just copper with download speeds of 5-6 mbps [sic].  Adequate for my day to day needs but, perhaps, not enough for the super new, improved BT Sport system?

But, don't worry.  BT will certainly recognise and sort the problem, even if it's at their usual glacial speed.  (It recently took two months and three 'phone calls to get them to make a simple change to my landline package.)

I am now seriously looking at Airband for broadband.  My O2 mobile works perfectly, so I could manage without a landline and save myself £25 a month!

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