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Re: Minimum Mac OS / browser versions

From Adobe website today: "Since Adobe no longer supports Flash Player after 31 December2020 and blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning 12 January2021, Adobe strongly recommends all users immediately uninstall Flash Player to help protect their systems. "
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Re: The way you cast BT Sport is changing

You're not running the latest versions of Firefox and Safari though @BillP1 - you're just running the latest version that you can on your Mac.  Your MacOS version is 8 years old, which is preventing you from installing the latest versions of any browser.

You need to upgrade your MacOS version. Then you'll be able to use BT Sport web player.

There won't be any fixes coming to support your old browser versions.

(p.s. we don't use Flash anymore)

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Re: The way you cast BT Sport is changing

Thanks, DarrenDev, but you are wrong!  My Mac is running on OS 10.15.  Just two years old.  Even if you were correct, why should I have to upgrade anything to use a service I am paying BT for and why haven't BT told me?  I'm beginning to understand why some contributors don't take kindly to your comments!

Even if what you say were correct, would it not have been sensible for BT to tell prospective users about system requirements and limitations?

And, there is no doubt something has changed.  I have, in the past, been able to watch BT Sport by logging on (with his permission) to a friend's BT Sport account.

You tell us you work for BT, which is honest enough and your loyalty is laudable.  I just wish you - and your colleagues at BT - would admit it when, as it seems with this, BT has screwed up big time.

Finally, I have read on several other - independent - websites that there ARE minimum download speed requirements for BT Sport.  BT know perfectly well what my maximum download speed is.  Surely it would be a simple matter to filter this information in the context of a BT Sport subscription?  Or - forgive my cynicism - would that be a customer service step too far for BT?

It is not a digression to say - in fact, this goes to the heart of the matter - that BT's dominant market position and the complexity of its packages, systems and structures seem to make some parts of its empire unmanageable.  That often results in VERY poor customer service and the kind of dissatisfaction among customers which is so evident on this forum.

It is barely credible that ,more than 48 hours after this problem became evident, there has - as far as I am aware - been no official word from BT to users and that the relevant BT website "Help"  page does not even recognise the VC089 error code we have all been getting.

You can argue as much as you like, DarrenDev, but the facts speak for themselves.  BT has let us down.  Badly.  Again.


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Re: The way you cast BT Sport is changing

Your browser reports that the message you just posted was from Firefox version 78, running on MacOS 10.9 @BillP1 .  If you're running a newer version of MacOS and browser then something is telling the web site that it's older, which is why it's showing that error.

For this football season, BT Sport has introduced content protection across all platforms. This is a contractual requirement by the football leagues. We haven't "screwed up" - we've done what we are legally required to do.  This issue also didn't become evident 48 hours ago - the minimum version was raised months ago.

BT has no obligation to support outdated software - Firefox needs to be a minimum version 88 to support this content protection.

Your broadband speed is more than enough to watch BT Sport - you won't get the best possible quality, but it will still work.  Error VC089 has absolutely nothing to do with broadband speeds - it's just telling you that your browser version isn't supported.

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Re: The way you cast BT Sport is changing

Yes.  By which I mean "No."  You - and BT - have not even begun to address these issues. 

To start with: BT has not TOLD users, and new customers like me, what the requirements/limitations are. You say "BT Sport has introduced content protection across all platforms."  When and where did they tell customers this and what this meant?

I repeat:  BT has screwed up badly and let its customers down. Again.

DarrenDev: when you're in a hole, stop digging!

p.s.  I think you still have a little to learn about what Firefox - or any other browser - reports.

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Re: The way you cast BT Sport is changing

OK @BillP1 , your wish is my command - I'll stop replying to you now.

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Re: The way you cast BT Sport is changing

The error message has now been updated to be a bit more intelligent. Where it recognises your MacOS version is too old, it'll now say so. We've also added some other checks for browsers that we know cannot be supported, and show a more useful message.

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Re: The way you cast BT Sport is changing

Hi Darren,

I’m hoping you can advise me on this.

I have Plusnet Broadband which can stream on my LG Smart TV to get iPlayer, ITV Hub, YouTube etc.

I have just bought BT Sport via Plusnet. This is running well on my Acer Laptop.

However, when going through the LG Browser, I’m getting the VC089 error code.

I have checked that all updates are on the TV.

Any advice please?

Thanks Antpn

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Re: The way you cast BT Sport is changing

The browser on your Smart TV isn't capable of supporting the content encryption needed for BT Sport I'm afraid. There's currently no way to watch BT Sport on an LG TV without connecting a device - e.g. Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox, Playstation, etc
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Re: The way you cast BT Sport is changing

Thanks Darren for your prompt reply.

I’ll try a cable link from my laptop into a spare HDMI slot.

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