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Various issues with new BT Email

I’ve only just migrated (about 10 days ago) and I’m not very impressed so far.  It is really slow and seems to be ‘loading’ all of the time. 

I select an email to open and there is no response or it randomly jumps to an email in a different part of the list.

The ability to ‘star’ an email had gone, and all of the stars that I had added to emails have been lost, so I now have no record of the various emails that I had marked as important.  As annoying as that is, it wouldn’t be as bad if the flag system worked in a similar way, i.e. you could quickly see all the emails that have been flagged in one place, however I can’t see how to do this.  The flag itself is hardly noticeable and having to scroll back through my inbox to find them kind of defeats the purpose of using the flag.

I was quite happy with the old version, even the ads, its a bit disappointing to have to use an inferior version which has been billed as an upgrade.

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