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Week 4 of Broadband Drops

So first reported this issue back on the 03 April and not sure where else to turn with this.

Internet will be fine for the morning but then will regularly drop off around 10.30/11am and then stay off until the evening coming back at it's earliest 5.30pm but sometimes as late as 8.30pm. It has been doing this for the past 4 weeks, although some days the internet connection won't drop (longest stretch of it not dropping has been 4 days). When it does drop off the hub will constantly flash orange.

Had 5 engineers slots booked, first one checked our house and the internal line and could see no issues. 2nd engineer checked outside network box (?) and found no problems. Then x2 no shows, followed by an open reach engineer who checked our line and found no issues. I'm currently sat with the internet out, hub flashing orange and having to use my phone as a hotspot.

We've had a replacement hub sent to us so that wasn't the issue. Our internal connection was checked by an engineer and he said it was all fine and an openreach engineer has checked our outside connection and said there's no issues. At this point would it be safe to assume that there is interference from another device, potentially not in our house as I've tried turning on pretty much all the devices around the house? Can BT actually do anything further? 

Just thought I would post here in the hope that there would be a consistent person who could track our case. Really not an ideal situation when you need to work from home! 

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Week 4 of Broadband Drops

have you checked in MYBT that web protect and parental controls are switched off

if you connect with filter to test socket and then only one device connected direct with ethernet does hub still drop internet connection and change colour from blue

are you using powerline adapters?

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Re: Week 4 of Broadband Drops

Hi imjolly

Thanks for the quick reply.

- web protect and parental controls are switched off

- Tried this and no change, hub still flashing orange

- we have been using one and I read on another post of them causing interference so I unplugged it. Unfortunately, it hasn't solved the issue.

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Re: Week 4 of Broadband Drops


Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.

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Re: Week 4 of Broadband Drops

Just did the test and no noise

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Re: Week 4 of Broadband Drops

Internet was out for the whole day yesterday. Brief back for about 10mins this morning and is now flashing orange again

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Re: Week 4 of Broadband Drops

Check for dial tone on your phone.

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Re: Week 4 of Broadband Drops

We've got a dial tone and able to ring my mobile

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