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Welcome to your new and improved email service

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Yesterday (22nd May 2020)  I received a number of emails headed as above (1 for every btinternet account) - at last,  I thought, I've finally caught up with the rest of btinternet as I've been on BT/Yahoo until now.

All was working well yesterday after the receipt of the emails but today my passwords have been corrupted when I want to look at my emails on the web. I know they are corrupted as there are far too many 'spots' on the password for them to be correct.

I have reset my main account password to a new one - but BT won't accept the new one and the 'spots' remain far too long for both the old and the new passwords. There is no way I can view what it thinks it is.

I haven't dared investigate my other accounts.

Any advice as to what I do next other than move over to gmail?

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Re: Welcome to your new and improved email service

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Don't count on the number of "spots" to represent the characters of your password. They don't always reflect the number so that it would make it harder for any potential hacker to know how many characters are needed.

If you are using the log on page in this link

BT Email 

if you click and hold your mouse on the word "show" to the right of the password box it will show you what the character of the password are.

You may also be using your browser's stored password facility which enters the password automatically for you and it has probably got the old password stored so if that is the case you will need to clear out the old password and enter the new password.

There have been problems for some users when trying to log on to their email. Some users have found that the problem is caused by using Firefox and that another browser such as Chrome or Edge works.

Others have found that if you use a VPN if you turn it off this helps.

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Re: Welcome to your new and improved email service

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Thanks for trying to help.

Yes, I am using Firefox - does this mean that I need to change my browser and all that entails just to ensure I can see my emails on the web?  My husband's laptop also uses Firefox and he is having the same problems.  Is there a chance that BTinternet will eventually work with Firefox or is it forcing me to change my browser.  (He has just said that he has got into the email account via Edge so at least we now know how to get to our emails and spam folder. He also says that our other email addresses are accessible without us having to change passwords.)

There isn't a 'show' option nor a little 'eye' and I have gone into my saved passwords and checked that Firefox has saved my new password.

I'm not sure what a VPN is so doubt that I am using it. 😉

My phone and Thunderbird are all receiving emails without a problem and so is the laptop so it looks like you've resolved my/our problem. Thanks - I would never have thought of changing browser as we've used Firefox for decades.

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Re: Welcome to your new and improved email service

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Changing your browser does not entail doing very much but in any event it should only be a temporary measure until either Firefox or BT, who ever has caused the problem get it sorted out. 

As regards the "show" for the password. What version of Firefox are you using because I have just checked using the link I posted on Firefox 76.0.1 and it is there.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. I'll leave you to do an Internet search if you are interested in what and how it works.

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Re: Welcome to your new and improved email service

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Thanks. I've just checked and we are on Firefox 76.0.1 as well.  The view option is visible on Edge but not on Firefox for some reason. But as we're getting in via Edge we'll leave well alone for a while just to see whether the knot gets itself untangled. If I remember correctly we've experienced a delay in the past when changing passwords - I've always put it down to technology wanting to show us who's really in charge. 🙄

Thanks again for your help, it is such a relief to be able to contact someone who knows about these things.

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