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Re: What are my options???

I cancelled my service off the back of decreasing content, increasing costs along with the new interface on the TV box not being to my liking.

Will get to watch the discovery content on discovery+ and some of the fox content looks to be moving to disney+ (star).


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Re: What are my options???

Only signed up to Now TV in Feb and only watch Fox channel,  I have not received any notification from BT that it was going and only found out tonight when I switched on, can I cancel my NOW TV package?

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Re: What are my options???

I called yesterday and cancelled all of my TV (Now + BT Sports) due to this. The CS agent had to "check with a manager" before she could action the release from contract without penalty but she got there after a few minutes on hold. 

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Re: What are my options???

Just off the phone with a very nice CS rep who tried their best but admitted I wasn't told that FOX was going but won't let me cancel because am not a "superuser" meaning that I watched certain channels all the time but also said she couldn't tell which channels I watch umm, and there is other channels that I can watch - great, only 5 months into a new 2 years contract, should of got Now TV direct and watched it off the stick then I could have stopped anytime, very disappointed, will not be staying with BT after this for broadband or tv, FOX tv channel may not have been the best but that is not the point. Oh yes if it had been sky1 or another what then call premium channel they may have let me cancel but FOX classed as a freebee so doesn't count. Well done BT

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Re: What are my options???

Don't forget you have lost Discovery also which is a premium channel. The channel isn't the point though. It's a reduction in a contracted service. End of story. I would call back and try again. I'd also suggest raising a complaint if you get no again as they are being unreasonable.

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Re: What are my options???


I Quote:


20. We may vary, replace or withdraw any service, feature or functionality or channel or content provided as part of a service at any time. We provide the services on an ongoing basis and we cannot foresee what may change in the future. This means we may make changes other than those set out in these Terms of Use.

End Quote

They have you over a barrel while slapping you with your own subscription.

It wouldn't be so bad if all customers were treated the same, some are allowed to cancel and others not, up to the Manager on the day - do they have quota's of how many customers are allowed I rang and end of working day so maybe they had hit their quota - well its as good a reason as any.

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Re: What are my options???

Interesting info Mousa. Clearly I got lucky. This just reinforces why I will just pick and choose from streaming services moving forward to watch the content I'm looking for so that I'm not stitched up with clauses such as this. 

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Re: What are my options???

@Mousa   You have quoted an extract from T&C s.

Can I clarify precisely which T&cs you are quoting ?

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Re: What are my options???

Personally, I was on the VIP package and I downgraded to Big Sport with the HD Bolt ons... I'm still within the terms of my contract but have just binned most of Sky's content

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Re: What are my options???

Yes under the "entertainment" package here: 

at the end click on term apply and scroll down to Changes in Service or Content points 19/20/21

or straight to it here:

Hope that helps