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Re: What are my options???

im same as you, 9 months into an 18 month term but at the end of this i dont think ill be signing upto any tv service that isnt month by month, we have netflix, prime, disney all cancellable when/if we get bored and full freeview so BT is becoming pointless now for me, been with BT since 2013 but i cant really see the point any more, my tv gets less and less, my broadband gets slower and slower but costs keep going up 😞

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Re: What are my options???

I totally agree. I did have a letter saying I can cancel when they remove Discovery, and I probably will. However, I bet they will only let me cancel TV and not Broadband or anything else, which I think is unfair. If they are reducing your service, then you should be able to move all services with no charge. Like most people, I like to have everything with one company, but I am not willing to let BT take the mickey anymore, with prices going up and service coming down. Last year I was paying about £113 a month for TV, broadband and 3 mobile SIM onlys.  That has now gone up to about £154 a month with less included. They have got greedy, but I guess I'll have to move bit by bit when each subscription expires . 

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