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Where are full tv listings?

I have a Samsung smart tv and watch BTTV via the app but I can’t find the full tv listings. I have the app on my iPad and when I go to Live TV on that there are 2 banners, Watch BT channels or Full TV listings. Can anyone explain why I can’t get any TV listings on my TV please? 

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Re: Where are full tv listings?

The BT app will only give you listings for the BT channels, i.e. AMC & BT sport, you require the NOW TV app for the rest

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Re: Where are full tv listings?

Thanks Les

I just don’t understand why I can get the full listings on the app on my iPad - is it just on a TV that it doesn’t display? The screens are the same except the 2 banners at the top are missing from the TV (Watch BT Channels and Full TV listings) I have a NOW entertainment pack which appears on the TV which has the main BT box connected but when I try to access it on the other TV with the BTTV app it requires login details I don’t have!

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Re: Where are full tv listings?

Your username is most likely your email address and your password, assuming you haven't changed it since, will be whatever you set it to in response to the email you received from BT when you signed up, i.e. the email which directs you to the NOW TV website to create a password

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Re: Where are full tv listings?

Hi @Vodkalady ,

i think the large screen BT TV apps  don’t have the full tv listings .The full tv listings are needed on the mobile and tablet BT TV apps  on devices which can be paired with the BT TV (Youview) set top box to allow recordings to be set remotely.

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Re: Where are full tv listings?

Exactly that @zulu17 - the TV listings are in the mobile app as they're used for setting up recordings via the pairing with the YouView box. There's very little purpose to having them in the large screen app.
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