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Which package includes Eurosport

Just had a look at the new TV packages but I cannot seem to find what package I need if I want to keep Eurosport?

Also, where can I find the much heralded announcement from BT about the changes to BT/NOW TV?

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Re: Which package includes Eurosport

It's only in the classic pack. It's not included in any of the NowTV packs

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Re: Which package includes Eurosport

Thanks. I didn't bother looking there as it was the el cheapo package. So you can choose the VIP package, spend all that money, and drop two important sport channels. Bizarre.
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Re: Which package includes Eurosport

I wasn't bothered about Eurosport as I don't think I've watched anything on there in 5 years of being on BT TV

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Re: Which package includes Eurosport

You can sign up to Amazon Prime Video (free for 6 months) and add it as a channel at an extra charge.

Otherwise you could buy a Eurosport Player subscription and play either via the app on a smart TV or Chromecast it from your mobile.

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Re: Which package includes Eurosport

The point is here we have a new package called Big Sport so it would be fair to say this has been designed for the sports fan in mind. Furthermore, this can be bought without all the other rubbish channels bundled with it. And yet, not only does it not include Eurosport, but you can't even add it as a bolt on! You have to admit it was a special kind of numpty who made that decision.

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Re: Which package includes Eurosport

The evidence shows that BT do not have anyone with enthusiasm for sport in positions of authority to crack down on their off-hand way of offering sports with the big two issues being

1) Unreliable automatic extension of recording of live sport which can and does over-run;

2) Plastering spoilers all over their catch up services.


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Re: Which package includes Eurosport


I totally agree with Takahash.  Who made the decision not to include Eurosport.

I would like an answer from BT as to why it is not included. I spoke to support, they did not know, they said "Its not available", and if I wanted to watch Eurosport, I would have to revert back TV 4K max, package, so if its still available on that package, why can't they make it available in the Big Sport package

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Re: Which package includes Eurosport

In Reply to Colin-London.

Yes, you can get it on Amazon, but the problem is you can not record Eurosport 1 and 2. You can only watch live.

I like to watch TV in the evenings, Snooker and Cycling (Eurosport being the best provider for these sports)

Still waiting to here from BT, as to why they have not included Eurosport.

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Re: Which package includes Eurosport

I've got the VIP package - and have 'lost' Eurosport and the History channels (that I've noticed thus far). Had lengthy 'phone and online chats with BT before moving over and made very clear that as far as sport was concerned I wanted to watch motorsport - MotoGP, Superbikes and F1.   No one said - we can only do 2 out of the 3 on the new packages.  

I think they ought to have been a bit more upfront about what going to disappear.  So now I've got umpteen BT sport channels I'm never going to look at, and lost one of the ones I do watch.  My own fault, I know, but it's still annoying.


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