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Whole Home Wifi intermittent drop-out when connected to BT broadband

Hi there - I have recently moved to an area where my previous broadband supplier (Virgin Media) doesn't provide cover.  I previously installed and setup BT WHole Home Wifi, off the back of my Vrgin Media hub with zero problems, and the whole setup worked seamlessly.  

Fast forward to today, where I have my BT Whole Home Wifi connected to my BT Broadband hub, and I am experiencing frustrating dropouts on the Whole Home Wifi.  The loss of connection can run from a few seconds to hours, and then suddenly reappear. I have no issues connecting to the BT Broadband wifi, on its own - except that it is buried in the corner of a back room and connection at the front of the house is really, really poor.

I was surprised to have problems between technologies from the same supplier - especially when I had ZERO problems between Virgin Media and BT WHole Home Wifi. I am at a loss as to what the problem is, and it driving me and my family insane.  A

Any ideas or thoughts on how to resolve this would be appreciated.



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