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Whole Home Wifi - use additional disc via ethernet

I have a garden office with Cat5 + Cat6 running to it.

In the house I have a 2 disc Whole Home setup. The wifi barely reaches the garden office. Currently I have a seperate wireless network set up just for the office.

My question is, could I set up another disc in the office that is connected to the network over wifi and use it that way to extend my Whole Home Network? Or, do the discs have to be connected to each other via wifi?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Whole Home Wifi - use additional disc via ethernet

Hi @sp_london

Quick answer is yes, I reckon you should be able to set up extra disc in your garden office on same nwk as house.

I have 6 BTWH discs including one in garden workshop thats too far for wi fi signal to reach from last disc in house nearest the workshop. However it is connected via powerline adaptor ( BT Extender Flex 1000 kit) on the electrical cct which provides power to sockets etc in workshop direct from house consumer unit to its own small consumer unit in workshop.

I used to have an old router set up at access point with its own SSID in the workshop but with BTWH it is now the same nwk as house and old router removed.

Not sure where your Cat 6 or Cat 5 cables feeding your garden office come from.

In my case I have primary BTWH disc connected via Cat 6 ethernet cable to my HH5 router and a powerline adaptor ( one of the BT Extender kit ) in power socket near to router, also connected to HH5 router with ethernet Cat 6 cable.  It is that which feeds the signal to my workshop some 80 m away. I just plugged in a BT WH disc into socket in workshop ( after setting up in house into router to make it same SSID as existing) and connected ethernet cable from BTWH disc into powerline. After initially saying it was red, left it alone and it went blue and fine. Did have one time it went red so simply switched disc off & on (ethernet still connected into powerline) and it went back to blue.

Note of caution...had some electrical work done in house when removing old lights & switches for LED & somehow  it has introduced some interference which BTWH disc seem to struggle with - see post on build 1 thread. I'm lucky that cct to workshop is on its own cct from consumer unit so seems insulation from that interference.

My other BTWH discs are otherwise connected via wi fi only in house. I did turn off legacy steering as well and everything been running on build 1 for 3 weeks OK.

Good luck.


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