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WholeHome WiFi & Fixed IP Addresses

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We have a (mostly) wired networked house however there are also quite a few mobile devices that rely on wifi. Although we have a very robust router which handles everything brilliantly, it does struggle getting signal to the further reaches of what is a large house.

The WholeHome solution seemed a perfect way to resolve this as using basic extenders is a pain. It's all set up and running with 4 discs and so far I am massively impressed with the functionality and the fact that it works well with my router.

However to my surprise the discs only show "Good" for signal strength. Whilst the wifi speed is better than it was before in a couple of the dodgy spots, I have the option in a couple of places of connecting the discs to the wired network.

I use ranges of Fixed IP addresses for various different groups of equipment and start my DHCP pool for mobile devices at and I want the WholeHome discs sitting in my 'Network' Fixed IP range.

However each disc has 3 MAC addresses (ethernet, 2.4ghz & 5Ghz). The only MAC address that actually appears on my router and which is assigned an IP address seems to be the 2.4Ghz one. Am I right in thinking that this would be the one that I would need to assign a Fixed IP address to? Even the primary disc that is plugged into the router via ethernet is showing as the 2.4Ghz Mac address and this is what the IP is assigned to.

I have been through the entire set of FAQs but can't find an answer.

Many thanks!


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Re: WholeHome WiFi & Fixed IP Addresses

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@SportiveUK your hunch is correct. It is the 2.4ghz MAC address that you need to assign with a static IP address.

This is a capture from my routers IP table,  and a quick look at my app showed that CB03 was the MAC address of my Kitchen disc.

You can also assign fixed IP addresses through the UI by connecting to: http://mybtdevice.home

and going to Settings > IP Addressing

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Re: WholeHome WiFi & Fixed IP Addresses

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I always tend to fix the IP address from my router end. The thing is the MAC address you have shown above is one of 3 that each of the discs has. However after some further playing around it seems that it is always the MAC address linked to the 2.4GHZ wireless that is the one appearing on the network for which an IP address gets assigned.
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