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WholeHome WiFi

Installed WholeHome a week ago. No problems with any device and all worked well. However today my desktop HP Pavilion PC (admitedly 7 years old) running the latest version of Windows 10  refused to connect either to WholeHome or the Smarthub. The PC uses a Realtek USB wireless card which has all the latest drivers. The WholeHome discs all have the latest firmware. All other PCs and phones are working fine with WholeHome.  I have tried switching off the whole system and switching on again. That doesn't work, It's just this one PC which would normally connect to the WholeHome master disc (which is attached by ethernet cable to the Smarthub).  Any help gratefully received.

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Re: WholeHome WiFi

Might be there is problem in your hardware, check the functioning of all hardware and software. As well as whether anti-virus is updated on regular basis.
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Re: WholeHome WiFi

Hi @westcoast

If you do not find the answer here to you issue, give the BT Whole Home  Team a call..

BT Whole Home Product Helpdesk

contact the Helpdesk on 08081006116 

Mon-Fri 9.00am to 5.30pm Sat 9.00am to 2.00pm or contact them by email at and they will be able to help you with this.

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Re: WholeHome WiFi

Thanks for this I appreciate your help.  All virus protection on all devices is downloaded automatically and is indeed up to date. As is Windows 10. All other hardware and software seems fine.  I worked out yesterday that instead of connecting to the master disc a few feet away the PC concerned was trying to connect to a disc in a lower room. And the signal was barely there - often not there. I know BT says the disc will not always connect to the nearest physical disc (depending on the number of devices / uses etc)  but in this instance there were only four devices connected to the entire four-disc system and our incoming broadband speed is strong - it's fibre. I am using quite an old external USB wireless card though and although its drivers are up to date  I'm wondering whether that could be part of the problem? At the moment I've moved the master disc into direct line of sight of the wireless card and now the PC is connecting to it without any problem.  But if this happens again I was wondering if there's any way of forcing the PC to connect to the nearest physical disc? Or swapping bands or something?  

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