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WholeHome hub non-optimal connections

I have a three disc WholeHome set-up:

(1) Study - with ethernet connection to router

'Good' connection to

(2) Lounge

'Excellent' connection to


Disc 3 connects to disc 2 with excellent connection.

Disc 2 connects to disc 1 with 'good' connection only and suggestion for improvement.

It works OK.

However, devices in the Lounge connect to disc 3 upstairs, even though they are much closer to the disc in the same room.  Does anyone know whether a disc is chosen on the basis of its onward signal strength?  If so, then the lounge devices are choosing 3 rather than 2 because it has an 'excellent' connection.  However, the internet connection from disc 3 is via disc 2 and the only 'good' connection to disc 1.  It would be more efficient/faster if they connected to disc 2.

Any advice?  Thanks.

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Re: WholeHome hub non-optimal connections

Watching - have a similar issue.

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