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Re: Deco M5 first week

@foz - which popular forum do you moderate if you don't mind me asking?
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Re: Deco M5 first week

I am 1 of 9 mods on a satellite forum. Nothing to do with mesh networks.
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Re: Wholehome firmware v1.02.05 build 01

I don't understand why people who have moved on from WH continue to haunt the forum with constant updates on how great their new system is doing?

Speaking purely for myself, I was asked to come back and let people know how things went with the Deco, so I did.
I have no intention of being a cheerleader for the Deco, but if people want to know about it, I'm happy to contribute.

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Re: Wholehome firmware v1.02.05 build 01

@Jim-lad  You are confusing the ubiquiti products.  “Amplify” is very different to the “UAP” range.

In the video you refer to, the “Ubiquiti Amplify” did indeed come last, however the presenter also stated that he personally used (and really likes) the “Ubiquiti UAP” devices.

@simoncs120 stated he is using UAP AC PRO devices, not the Amplify product.

I seem to recall in the video that the guru also raised the point that the use of the term “Mesh” is being used by the lower end devices, but it is not the same as a true mesh network protocol.

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Re: Wholehome firmware v1.02.05 build 01

@RS4 - in that case then we are really comparing Apples with Oranges as BTWH is a consumer product whereas the UAP AC PRO  appears to be an Enterprise solution.

I'm not sure I would want to mount these disks either on my wall or ceiling either.  At least WH has a nice discreet stand.  I note the WH does have a cut out on the back for wall mounting but given there's no way to remove the stand I don't understand the point of having this.

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Re: Wholehome firmware v1.02.05 build 01

I agree that this forum should primarily focus on resolving the products problems, advice and recommendations from other users, and applying pressure on the vendor (BT) to address the problem in a timely manner.  It should act as a resource, a source of help for other users that might also be suffering.

But this should also include comments and feedback on alternative solutions that other users have found to work, and that includes alternative/replacement products.  After all, if that is the solution that worked for them, that is experience passed on.  And I know I would like to read comments about alternatives before I spent additional money, perhaps taking a further risk.  Feedback from other affected users is valuable.

And having just read the recent posts, as I have myself posted before, I still haunt this forum because I am keen to understand the outcome to these problems as I have also previously recommended BTWH to a number of my friends and family.  They still need my help, so I still need an answer.

I was one of the first to purchase BTWH at launch and experienced a number of problems, with each firmware release gradually making things better.  I accepted this as I knew I was an early adopter, but the fundamental provision of Wi-Fi connectivity was working for me... until build 10 which, for me, broke everything.  My 5 disc installation needed to be restarted 1-2 times per day.  As I work from home 100% that was totally unacceptable, and with there being no back-out capability and no resolution in sight, I eventually returned all 5 discs to BT for a full refund (and as I posted at the time I was and am grateful to BT for accepting the return).  I subsequently purchased 2x Ubiquiti UAP AC and have not looked back since. (Note the Ubiquiti Amplify is not the same thing as the Ubiquiti UniFi AP professional range)

I still follow this forum because I want to learn how to fix the BTWH for my friends and family as they are not in a position to replace them.   Having worked in Enterprise IT for 30 years, and having run my own Wi-Fi networking company, I am also just very interested in the resolution to a problem I experienced myself.

Of course there will be differences of opinion but I would say that suggesting that problems do not exist when they clearly do is not helpful, likewise complaining about people sharing experiences of other products again is not helpful.  But those not having a problem should indeed say so, in the same way someone suffering should also, as that may produce a spark that helps someone... and that is after all what I am sure we are all trying to do... help others that have come to this forum because they have a problem.

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Re: Wholehome firmware v1.02.05 build 01

@Jim-lad correct, BTWH and Ubiquiti UAP are not really comparable.  And as a result the price of the UAP is higher than the BTWH.

like you I could not work out how to wall mount the BTWH 🙂

In terms of placement I agree, the UAP is not quite as “Wife Compatible” as BTWH.  I have one of my UAP laying on top of a kitchen cupboard, out of view.  The other is attached to a joist in my loft, again out of view.

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Re: Wholehome firmware v1.02.05 build 01

@RS4 - given you worked as an IT pro for 30 years and also ran your own WiFi company I'm amazed you would even opt for a consumer grade product such as BTWH.  I would have thought with your experience you would have plumped for an Enterprise solution from the get go.

I can't help thinking you may have let your wallet rule your head rather than your years of experience.

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Re: Wholehome firmware v1.02.05 build 01

@Jim-ladRather than taking you up on the relevance of how I choose to spend my money and the fact that has nothing to do with you, it would do nothing to help other readers of this forum...

On paper BTWH did everything I needed, why spend more money needlessly! And let’s not forget that at launch BTWH was priced at the top end of the home market, presenting itself as a premium product.

The nail in the coffin for BTWH was not the hardware or spec but the way the product was being managed by BT, no ability to downgrade firmware despite asking for that feature from the beginning and the poor handling of the build 10 firmware problems with no expectation of a fix even after more than 10 weeks!

Once I decided to return BTWH I again reviewed the available product specs and decided that none offered what I wanted and thus started looking at higher grade kit.
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Re: Wholehome firmware v1.02.05 build 01

Nothing at all wrong with ex Wholehome owners continuing to monitor this thread to keep informed so as to help “friends and family”..... I’m sure that could be done though without the need to post and repeat the problems they encountered and review their alternative solution each time. I’m sure on the forum there could be a thread to discuss alternative systems, why not start one? This thread deals with the new firmware and the current operation of the BT WH system, we’ve moved on from the last firmware although some including me still use the last build, and judging by the reduced traffic here, my assumption is that BT corrected a number of issues for people with the latest fix...although it may not yet be perfect. So let’s use this thread to feedback on the firmware performance so BT can improve with the next release....the only reason I see to perhaps mention other systems is if there is a feature within those systems or their firmware which BT could realistically and economically incorporate into WH to improve it