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Why can’t I have my money back?

I signed up for the 12 months free BT sport offer back in August 2017 and all was well, randomly on my Bill generated at the end of February 2018 I was charged £5.48 for BT sport, on the 26th February I entered an online chat with Paromita Mandal who agreed that I shouldn’t have been charged and confirmed that £5.48 would be refunded from my next bill. When I received my bill at the end of March there was no refund so this time I decided to call BT, after trying to explain my problem to the operator who didn’t seem to understand me, he agreed to refund my next bill as I was a good customer? I tried to explain it was nothing to do with how good a customer I was I just wanted my money back. Forward to today and I have just received my latest bill, guess what no refund, why will BT not give me MY money back? How much more time and effort is it going to take to get my £5.48 back?
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Re: Why can’t I have my money back?

Hi @kwils11,

I'm sorry to read about the difficulties you've had in getting that incorrect charge refunded. I'll be able to get this corrected. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?



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