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Why do BT actually lie to sing you up

Hi on the 18-04-2018 I telephoned BT about a renewal package, I got to speak to Morgan and after haggling for quite some time I got my renewal reduced with her managers Special-Discount to the princely sum of £27.49, for umlimited anytime calls and unlimited broadband. At the end of all the haggling I launched a complaint regarding the service and the fact I had to haggle for so long to get a deal that was paltry when one considers what they actually offer to a new customer for an identical package! So a Claire telephoned me last night to deal with my complaint, Claire offered me her "Absolute Final Discount" to £23.99 and was so so apologetic for the way things happened and assured they were trying to get it right???!! Therfore I accepted the further discount; hey who would'n't!!

So  this morning while checking my mail I discovered that Claire was very economical with the truth as my package is now unlimited weekend calls and unlimited broadband! Meaning Claire's Absolute Final Discount was in fact a bonus for BT!!! Just as well I record all calls with any service provider for future reference as I am now awaiting there comeback on my 46 minute cll this morning attempting to rectify the mess BT have created of my Contracted and my package!!! Surprised? Not me!!          Oh and for £23.99 a new BT Customer can get unlimited anytime calls and Broadbant for 18 months PLUS £50 Card and a £30 checque! But you or I as loyal customers get nothing but Manipulation and lies!!!

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Re: Why do BT actually lie to sing you up

Sorry for the miss-spell should read "lie to Sign you up" not sing!
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