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Re: Why is Googlemail rejecting a message from my address

Were you sending to if so the Action Failed status code is showing as 5.0.0 which means "Address Does Not Exist".

If that is who you were sending to can you confirm the email address with CCleaner. It may be that you should be using but having said that it would not explain how your other email accounts can use the same address without problem.

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Re: Why is Googlemail rejecting a message from my address

Yes, I was sending to It is the correct address. I had clicked on a link on their website to email them, and that was the address that was put into the email. I know that they are part of piriform and I believe that I could contact them that way. Maybe I should try that and see what happens. But they have confirmed that the address I was using is correct.

If the code means "Address Does Not Exist", then it is puzzling that the message from Googlemail says that my address is disabled. I am trying to get Ccleaner to look into it further as it seems more and more that it must be their system that is at fault in some way. If I receive anything interesting from them I shall post it on here.

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