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Why, oh why, are BT's systems which interface with the customer so incredibly awful??

To be helpful - and thereby save myself some inevitable frustran and time - I tried to use BT's online query syste.

Dutifully filled in all the boxces, politely, thoroughly , sucinctly and to the best of my ability.

Went to print the details  - no print button

Tried to mark the text and copy it to a document - could only grab the headings

Oh, well, perhaps the confirmation email will give me the conversation details - fat chance - jus a  receipt and 'well get around to it' sometime message.

Tried phoning the 'we're sorry your leaving us' line (in the letter). Nothing to do with use - try the billing team ('twas for a end of service charge). Operative pressed the redirect button. Phone rang, line terminated at BT end.

BT can blurry well sing for their shorter than 30 day notice fee... I've only been a contented customer for 30+ years


In contrast their subsidiary - Openreach - although fiddling around for some months, putting short runs of fibre and going away for weeks, suddenly turned up, did what I expected, let me run the fibre where I wanted, fiddled around a bit with the end connector (Boy, are they fiddly, took two blokes 3 hours to terminate the overhead cable) - whiz bang everything working instanta.  What was indicated as 2-4 weeks waiting after the connection was released ended up being a week!!

Why can't the main company do as well.....





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