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Wi-Fi Disc Location Test

I now have a Smart Hub 2 and have just tried to set up my first ever Wi-Fi Disc. I used the helper on the BT App on my iPhone but there was not a single location in my house that was deemed suitable. (I walked to the farthest corners of every room and then hung around the entrances and hallways.) There is no reason given in the app just that it is not a good place. In the end I gave up and plugged the wi-fi disc in the room furthest away from the Smart Hub, where we had had weak signal with the previous Home Hub. It seems to work but the installation instructions were not very useful. Any suggestions anyone?

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Re: Wi-Fi Disc Location Test

If you already had a weak signal there, it's not a good place for the disc as it connects to the hub via WiFi. You need to locate it halfway between the hub and the location you want the WiFi signal

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Re: Wi-Fi Disc Location Test

If you can't get good coverage with one disc then request an additional disc from BT, you can have a maximum of 3 discs at no extra cost