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Re: WiFi issues on new mobile

@Keith_Beddoe wrote:

@gg30340 I have seen places where there is just a barcode on the wall, and you scan that code to get access, but you still have to get a wifi connection first, which maybe the issue.


I agree but the barcode scan is effectively the password/passkey. It is not just a case of connecting to the network and off you go.

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Re: WiFi issues on new mobile

BT are saying it's not the mobile that's the issue because I can connect at home and use mobile data but I beg to differ as my other phone connects straight away and no-one else out of 60 staff has issues
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Re: WiFi issues on new mobile

When you scan for wireless networks, can you see your work network?

If you can see it, then what happens if you try to connect to it, as its an open network?

Perhaps there is a security  setting on your phone which is preventing you from connecting to insecure networks, or you phone is automatically connecting to another network, like BT Openzone instead?

It has to be something basic.


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Re: WiFi issues on new mobile

Until you get the problem resolved you can not say it's a phone problem or your work's network that is the problem.

You have said your phone connects to every other network so that would in my opinion tend to put the fault at your work's network.

However as nobody else that you are aware of has had a problem connecting to your work's network that could put the problem with your phone.

You should check on your phone to see if there is a firewall setting or something else that is blocking Internet access when connected to an insecure public network.

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Re: WiFi issues on new mobile

How on earth would I find any of these things out? I agree I think it's something simple but what, I only know basics on phones
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Re: WiFi issues on new mobile

As soon as I enter work it finds the network, with my other phone I have a ? That when I scroll down it searches for network then I just click on connect, it is a BT connection on my old phone.
Would it be anything to do with everything transferred from old phone to new phone via Gmail?
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Re: WiFi issues on new mobile

You might not want to do this but before doing anything else try "forgetting" the connection on your old phone, restart it then try and make the connection to your work's network. 

This will help confirm that the phone just connects to the network without any password/passkey/barcode etc.

Obviously if it does need a password etc you will now have no Internet on that phone as well until you find out what the password is but at least it would prove whether or not a password is needed.

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Re: WiFi issues on new mobile

Is it BTWifi that you are connecting to or does your work's network have a specific name?

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Re: WiFi issues on new mobile

It is a BT WiFi but named on my phone if that makes sense.
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Re: WiFi issues on new mobile

That makes sense now!

It is neither your phone or the network that is at fault. It is user error.

You either need to download and install the BTWifi app 

or once you have connected to the BTWifi network you need to open a browser and when prompted enter your BTID and password.

See link


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