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Wifi extender

Please forgive my ignorance, but do I connect my device to the wifi extender for it to work, or does it “boost” my original connection? I bought this extender to get a better signal in my bedroom, so I’m not sure if plugging it in in there will boost my phone’s signal or if I’m supposed to connect my phone to the extender whenever I’m in my bedroom? I set up the wifi extender according to the instructions, my laptop connected to it fine, but when I try to connect my phone to it it says “Unable to join the network EXTetcetcetc”. Before that it asked me to put in the wireless key and I guess I put in the wrong one because I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to put in the extender’s key or my hub’s key but it seems to have “locked me out” now? Resetting it didn’t help. 

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Re: Wifi extender

What’s your extender model.

depending on your extender and it’s options you can either set them up to mimic your routers channel names or you can name them independently.

when the mimic the same names your device will roam, if named differently you will have to manually change it. Roaming is dependant on the device mostly unless you have a more complex router that offers a degree of control.

Extenders work by forming a connection to your router so if you have a dead spot with no WiFi you would place the extender between the room with the dead spot and router. Don’t place it in the same room where there is no signal as the extender must be able to communicate with the router. If you do you may have a strong signal to your phone but the throughput will be low to none as the extender struggles to talk with the router.

if your phone refuses to join due to incorrect password you should be able to go into the settings on the phone and delete that profile and then retry adding the correct WiFi password.

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Re: Wifi extender

I have told my iPhone to “forget” the network by resetting the network settings on my phone but it still won’t let me connect - it says “unable to join the network”, doesn’t even ask for the pw

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Re: Wifi extender

What’s your extender model?

Does your iPhone connect to your main network ok?


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Re: Wifi extender

My phone is connected to the main network - its the extender 300, is that the model number?

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Re: Wifi extender

If it’s the BT one have a read through this to see if you spot the issue. Look at the connection problems section to see if that gives you a clue.

Have you down a shutdown and reboot of the iPhone just in case it’s the phone that’s the issue?



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