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YAHOO interuptions

Hi Everyone,  Can someone please explain why I am getting interrupted by Yahoo when already signed in using BT Id ?

It is quite infuriating when in the midst of creating or sending a mail, Yahoo pops up saying please sign in.   The only way I can get around this is to sign out and start again.

Seem to have a lot of issues with YAHOO since the link up, not to mention the problems with the missing address book which has yet to be resolved.  I am aware to obtain e mail address I can type part name of the addressee, but this cannot be called progress compared to the previous set up where you could pull up all contacts and tick the ones to whom you are sending.

This may seem a trivial issue to some, but I did not indulge in computers at an early age, and am instead forced to use technology as it is the thing of the future to which I am not accustomed.



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Re: YAHOO interuptions

As regards your contacts problem have you tried clicking on the word "To" in the address bar when you are composing an email?

As for the "Yahoo" problem, try clearing the browser's history and cookies.

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Re: YAHOO interuptions

Thank you for your reply.

Clicking the "To" button produces a fraction of the original list.    To obtain a known contacts I have to start typing the name of each one.   The full contact list appears on the right hand side of page BUT does not have provision for adding multiple recipients.  They have to be added one by one.

Clearing browser history and cookies only lasts a short time before further interruption.

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Re: YAHOO interuptions

Have you tried a different browser?

Using Chrome, when I click on the "To" button in an account I have access to it brings up all the contacts that are in the contacts list. 

To add multiple contacts highlight the one you want and click then move to the next one and click and so on until you have selected all the ones you want then click on the "Add" button.

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Re: YAHOO interuptions

As yet, not switched to chrome.   My main gripe is since YAHOO has become involved, changes take place without notice.  Have no idea why original contacts list has many contacts missing.

Conclude that so called updates are a backward step.

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