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bill capping

I've had a message that I'm near my usage limit for data. I'm on a package that tells me my data is unlimited ????


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Re: bill capping

Sounds like a data integrity issue, were you previously on a package with limited allowance before upgrading to unlimited ?
BT have now removed all allowances so chances are this won't have any effect on you, I've asked a moderator to help, give them time to answer though as they are really busy lately and have a first come, first served queue.

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Re: bill capping

Thx Richie,

Maybe, not sure….meanwhile I've upped my allowance to 1gb, for an extra £2, hope this won't confuse them!!

Thought it was prudent anyway in case I couldn't get in touch.....

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Re: bill capping

@jaybeewebbthe cap removal only applies to fixed line broadband, you mention you have Fibre 2, It doesn't apply to BT Mobile, you say you added 1GB for £2, that isn't fixed line broadband, I'm rather confused now.

BT Mobile plans still have an allowance and are unchanged.
BT fixed line broadband have all allowances removed and are unlimited usage.

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Re: bill capping

the message I got was for nearing MOBILE data limit. maybe Fibre 2 was me misleading you.
another problem, I get Cookies on BT. com warning on the mobile, when I hit OK it flashes thru' on or two other pages, then comes back to cookies warning..... can't proceed to my account, so I went on line DESK TOP, works fine. If I go "about cookies" on phone and "edit settings" YES,YES ..ok ….it comes back to original Cookies on BT. com. We are not all Tech speak savvy,...are we?
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Re: bill capping

If you have Fibre 2 that is unlimited usage, in the house make sure you connect to your hub for the wi-fi, then your allowance is only used when outside, as a broadband customer you also have access to BT's 5.5 million wi-fi points with unlimited usage, that will also stop you using the data allowance.

BT Mobile plans have not changed during the Corona virus outbreak, the exception being that visiting the NHS website is not counted and you can keep updated without worry of the costs.

You could also look at and see what offers are available, upgrading to Halo would double the mobile data automatically or look at regrading the mobile plan for a higher data allowance.

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