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call guardian bt halo phone

Hi  have been moved to digital voice service and registered my handset with smarthub base

when i press the call guardian button i get "you cannot us this feature on this base"

is there any way to use the call guardian as i use the  announce feature 



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Re: call guardian bt halo phone


Which phone have you registered to the Smart Hub 2?

Did you have an existing phone  system with Call Guardian that you used to use?

If you did, then that base station needs to be plugged into the phone socket on the back of the home hub.

For example, of you had the BT4600 phone system, then the Call Guardian function is built into the base unit, and would not work if you registered the phone directly to the home hub.


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Re: call guardian bt halo phone

Hi Keith

I have registered a BT halo 9500 handset which has call guardian feature

if you have to plug in the base station to use the features then I don't see any point of registering handsets with the smart hub 2 the digital voice service is no use

this just converts the analogue phone from the base to use over the internet connection

I assumed that the smart hub would replace the base 



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Re: call guardian bt halo phone

No, you will need to use the base supplied with the phone, as the software to handle Call Guardian is contained within the base unit. That software is not present in the DECT base unit within the smart hub 2.

What people normally do, once they have to use Digital Voice, is to plug their existing base unit into the phone socket on the home hub, or use the BT digital voice phones supplied by BT, which I am not sure have any Call Guardian facility. Another forum member, who has one of these  phone, may be able to answer that.

There is no advantage at all, in registering existing handsets with the DECT unit within the SH2, as many features will be lost.



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Re: call guardian bt halo phone

Hi Keith 

thanks for the replies I find call guardian useful (much more use than Call protect) so will have to continue using old base

even basic functions like transferring contacts from handsets doesn't seem to be available only importing contacts

from another smart hub all contacts so all contacts now have to be entered manually seems like software in smart hub is very basic 



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Re: call guardian bt halo phone

Unfortunately, like all other providers, BT retail have to offer an alternative to the analogue phone network which is being closed down.

This brings with it a number of issues, including reduced reliability due to network routing failures, which seems to result in home hubs losing their routing back to the voice network.

These are the same issues which plagued the discontinued BT Broadband Talk service. Interestingly that stored the phone directory within the original  Home Hub 1, 1.5 and 2, and a factory reset cleared them all out, and you had to enter them all in again.

At present, there is no advantage for people opting to have Digital Voice, unless they are given no other choice when they regrade their service, or if they have FTTP.

BT are offering free Digital Voice phones, which may appeal to people who have existing wired analogue phones and want to get rid of old internal wiring, but for those who already have an existing DECT based system, its not going to offer any advantages.

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