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catch up tv connection dropping out in adverts

Help required please.
Problem with connection to ITV Hub dropping out during adverts.
Do BT support participate in the forum?

I have contacted Humax but they will not give support for their products supplied through BT.  Does anyone on here have any knowledge of this issue and, hopefully, a fix?

Manufacturer: Humax

Model: DTRT2100

Variant: 84B08500

Last checked for update: 24 Aug. 2021

Last checked for apps: 24 Aug 2021

Component software: 3.7.112 (2a7476)

Manufacturer software: 32.115/0

Platform configuration: 4810 (8b7c7887)

ISP configuration: 17

It is set to install updates automatically where possible.

the problem occurs very frequently when watching Midsomer Murders catch up episodes, originally shown on ITV3 and ITV3+1.

I don't use other catch up tv very much, just BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub.

On the YouView Forum support chat, other people have said that this problem occurs on all4 UKTV and other services with adverts, but I rarely use these other services.

If you would like to test to reproduce the issue, you now have the exact details of the Humax hardware/software above.  I am currently getting the problem every time with a particular programme on ITV Hub:

I am getting the problem currently when trying to watch an episode of Midsomer Murders called "Worm in the Bud".  When I choose "Resume" there is an ad. for Viking Cruises, and then soon afterwards the programme drops out and kicks me out of the iTV Hub and back to live TV.  It does it every time.
This dropping out can be at the start of the adverts or at the beginning, after the sponsor advertisement; the Viking Cruises ad. may be significant because it is played at the start and at the end of the adverts; it says "Viking sponsors classic drama" and then, shortly afterwards, you are dropped back to live TV, the ITV Hub connection is lost.

Perhaps you could try the same episode of Midsomer Murders; I have the same issue with other episodes, but not all; the common factor between episodes with problems was/is Viking Cruises, I believe.

I don’t want to reset the box if this means the loss of current recordings.

Hopefully, a BT support person can reproduce the issue using the same hardware/software and accessing the same tv programme on ITV Hub, and then find a fix for the issue.

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Re: catch up tv connection dropping out in adverts


Do you have a current BT TV subscription?

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Re: catch up tv connection dropping out in adverts

I do not use BT TV so I do not know whether or not the issue occurs for BT TV users. 

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Re: catch up tv connection dropping out in adverts

An update:

I was unable to replicate the issue today, so it is definitely intermittent.
However,  I also reported the problem to YouView support; they have managed to replicate the issue a few times on different Midsomer Murders episodes on ITV Hub so the issue has now been raised with their Content Team who will reach out to ITV so they can investigate.
Hopefully, a fix will be found soon.

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Re: catch up tv connection dropping out in adverts

if you do not have BTTV then not sure why you have posted on BT retail community forum

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Re: catch up tv connection dropping out in adverts

I have posted the issue in this forum because it is affecting very many people, including those contributing to this forum; the more information provided to investigators the better.  It is good that YouView support have now been able to replicate the issue and that their Content team will be liaising with ITV to find a resolution.
It will be helpful to BT Retail to be made aware of the problem because some people will be blaming the equipment and/or blaming BT for the problems they are experiencing.  If BT support people also liaise with YouView and ITV then it may lead to a faster solution.

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