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complaints procedure

Today i have made a complaint about the amount of compensation BT are giving me regarding the three weeks it took them to fix the fault.I decided to put in a complaint as i went through a lot of hassle when i telephoned them.What i want to know does BT acknowledge my complaint as i'd like to know if they have received it.

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Re: complaints procedure

When a complaint is raised, you should get a reference starting VOL013-
Did you raise it online or by phone ?

In terms of compensation, BT's policy is listed Here 

  • If you experience total loss of service and it’s not fixed within two working days, you’ll receive £8 automatic compensation
  •  You’ll receive another £8 for every day you have to wait after that, not including the day your service is activated


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Re: complaints procedure

Thanks for the reply.I know what i'm entitled to but BT are saying different.I raised a Complaint this morning but as i've said i wondered if they acknowledge  complaints via email.I have heard nothing from them so i'm obviously concerned if they have received iot or not.I'm wondering if it may be best to ring them

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