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contacting BT by email / chat disabled

trin to get hold of 'help' as BT emails going to an old email

seems that th only way to get through is by phone which we're asked not to do.

How is it possible that a technology company does not have a way to make contact by email .

can someone from BT respond or do I have to waste telephone support time.

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Re: contacting BT by email / chat disabled

this is a customer help customer forum and your post does not go to BT.  just phone 150 and they will help

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Re: contacting BT by email / chat disabled

maybe its about time someone from BT joined the forum then.

Is anyone aware of away to avoid using phone line and ignoring the specific request to leave phone support for vulnerable customers

Just phone means having to select between many choices, none of which are appropriate and then hanging on interminably when someone could deal with it by email at a time that works for them

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Re: contacting BT by email / chat disabled

Hi @patrickss I'm sorry about the difficulties you've had getting in touch. The chat helpdesk can be contacted intermittently and depends on how busy they are. The phones aren't too busy at the minute and its the billing team who'll be able to help you update your contact email address. I've also sent you a private message if you'd like the forum moderation team to help but it will likely take us until next week before we'll be able to get back to you.

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Re: contacting BT by email / chat disabled

Thanks for the pm and response

the chat really needs to have  a ‘temporarily off line’ message( other users of chat Systems do this)

really should also have an email option for non urgent issues


by relying on this forum BT is cementing it’s reputation for poor customer service.

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