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contract lengths

I've recently renewed my package but am not too clear about the various contract lengths. I know that the Broadband is 24 months  but cannot find out about BT Sport, mobile, and Landline calling package. I have read and received some contradictory info.

My guess is that BT Sport is also 24 months but that I am free to swap it around every 31 days if I wish to change to another package?( but I have to have something for 24 months)

My guess is that the mobile comtract is 12 months?

My guess is that the 700 minutes calling contract is 12 months?

I have already paid 12 months advance landline.

Can anyone confirm if that is the norm for these new contracts?

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Re: contract lengths

Do you have BT Sport on BT tv? If yes then you'll be able to change it every 30 days with the flexibility. On mobiles sim only deals are usually 12 months & handset deals 24 months. 700 minutes is just an add on which has a 30 day rolling contract.

All this should've been covered on the call & in order confirmation a swell however

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Re: contract lengths

Broadband will be 24 months
BTTV also 24 months, you can swap passes monthly without renewing if you have the new NowTV package.
Sim only contracts 12 months
Handset contracts 24 months
Calling plans are addons, switch anytime or cancel with 30 days notice

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Re: contract lengths

Garybs- Yes, BT Sport via BTTV. I'm not saying it wamt covered in the call but you know what its like and the order confirmation details simply seem wrong to me.
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Re: contract lengths

Richie - thanks, that looks right to me. I don't have the Now TV package but was told I could, for example, swap BT Sport for a couple of months for NOW TV Entertainment, and then return when the football restarts( not relevant this year obviously)
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