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email connection

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Up until a couple of months ago all the people on my contacts list could contact me direct and they could reply to my email using the reply icon.

At this minute a number of people cannot contact me or reply.

My emails seem to get to them with no problems.

I find this unacceptable and before I change suppliers I thought I would ask the question on this site.

Hoping you can help and wishing you all seasonal greetings. 

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Re: email connection

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Are you currently a BT broadband customer or are you paying for premium mail?

have you recently been move to BT MAIL from BTYAHOO?

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Re: email connection

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I am a broadband customer and I was on Yahoo mail but that was over a year ago.

I have had no problems until a couple of months ago.

I rang 08001114567, which is the dedicated email problem solver and he thought it was something to do with Apple but that cannot be the case as even with desktop computers they cannot reply or sometimes cannot contact me.

Interestingly they all get my emails.

I used Gmail to test whether they could contact me or reply and they could.

The service is not good and I think I must change to another provider if this cannot be solved, which would be sad as I have always been with BT.

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Re: email connection

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You do not need to move provider just because the email is not working. If your BT broadband is working as you would expect it to, you can use a different email provider, such as your gmail account, and stop using the BT email account.

To try and resolve your email problem have you checked to see if the emails that are not getting through are in your spam folder.

Have you tried adding the people whose emails are not being received email address to your "safe senders" list.

You can do that by going to your email settings by logging onto you email account and clicking on your username at the top right. Once in the settings go to "Mail" then "Safe Senders" and add their email address. Click "save".

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Re: email connection

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Thanks for that. I have entered one contact as a safe sender to test it out. If it works not only will I enter all my contacts as safe senders but I will also worship the ground you walk on.

It will take a couple of days to test this as my contact is on a Christmas break for a few days.


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Re: email connection

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You are a God, all your suggestions worked and I now have a working email service, thank you.

What I cannot understand is why couldn't the BT help service and the BT dedicated email service have come up with the same quality answer as you did.

I am not going to complain but I should ask what are they getting paid for.

Have a Happy New Year, stay safe and healthy.



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