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full fibre install

I have an engineer visit scheduled  for full fibre 900 install at the beginning of May. The phone line goes overhead  to an upstairs bedroom which was originally  my  office but I fitted and extension to a  new downstairs office to serve the phone and modem. I have an office line and home line.

Can the fibre line and modem go anywhere in the house , lounge would be best, as opposed to the same room as the original phone box. Also, if this is the case , can the original phone line upstairs and extensions be left in place just to serve voice calls.?  

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Re: full fibre install

Hi @wedgie welcome to the community and thanks for posting, it doesn't have to be located where the existing socket currently is. When the engineer visits to do the install, have a chat with them to decide the best place to fit the Openreach ONT and router in your home. 

If you're getting digital voice as part of the fibre order the phone/extensions need to be connected to the ONT but if you're keeping the existing copper line then it can remain in situ. 



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Re: full fibre install

@wedgie   However, the ONT (modem) will need to be sited on an external wall. The router doesn't have to be sited adjacent to the ONT, but it will be your responsibility to provide any necessary Ethernet cabling between ONT and router, the engineer will only provide a short patch lead.

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