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i can recieve e mails but not send

i can recieve e mails but not send       I have done nothing it just statred happening today

a couple of days ago it would not recieve but then just started to recieve again without me doing anything

I have canged my password on all devices  to no avail

why is this happeniing ??

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Re: i can recieve e mails but not send


If you could receive emails there would have been nothing wrong with your password. If there was a problem with the password  you would not have been able to receive or send.

If you did nothing to cause it to stop receiving email, such as doing an update or changing settings or password, you should not have changed your password. Doing that when there is a problem can cause more problems than it solves.

Presumably this is when you use an email client or email app and not when you log onto your email via a web browser. 

Have you checked that you can send and receive via a web browser? If you can, it is most likely an email server problem and just like a couple of days ago it will probably get resolved without you doing anything.




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