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iPhone XS Not Compatible with Wi-Fi Calling

Hi Everyone,

Are there any clues as to why my iPhone XS is not compatible with Wi-Fi Calling and 4G Calling? They are enabled on the phone. IOS 13.0.

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Re: iPhone XS Not Compatible with Wi-Fi Calling

Not sure.

It seems to take some time to update apps, after installing iOS 13.

Presumably you have deciphered the means of updating apps?

Give it a day, or so, and perhaps you may try a Power Down / Restart. 

Don’t do a full reset!

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Re: iPhone XS Not Compatible with Wi-Fi Calling

@Ribblelancs  Unfortunately it has never worked. It worked fine on my iPhone 6S but stopped when I upgraded to XS. I have tried all the usual things, restart, disable, re-enabled  etc. but has been like this for approaching a year. All Apps are up to date.

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Re: iPhone XS Not Compatible with Wi-Fi Calling

I’ve had problems since updating to iOS 13 on an iPhone 8 Plus.

Connection to the wifi Call seems to struggle for several 10s of seconds, before the notification appears.

Is your 4g signal strong? It’s difficult to get a precise measure of signal strength on an Apple device. You need an Android phone for that, with an Application.

Perhaps you don’t need WiFi calling in the home?

Give it a while, then I’ll ask for assistance from the Mods........There’s been a lot of work in promoting WiFi Calling.   And it’s still a bit confusing.


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Re: iPhone XS Not Compatible with Wi-Fi Calling


The page for announcing this service - last updated 25th July 2019 says the following: 

What phones does Wi-Fi Calling work on?

To use Wi-Fi Calling you will need a compatible handset.

All iPhone models from the 5S onwards will be compatible. This includes the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

It says '5S onwards' but yet only lists up to the iPhone X. 

For some reason, it would seem incompatible - as this was last updated July of this year.

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Re: iPhone XS Not Compatible with Wi-Fi Calling

@albertj@VeteranISPUser ,

It will probably work on the iPhone XS.

After some fiddling here today, the mobile signal is strong so Wi-fi calling is not needed.

If you go to settings > data options, check that the Wi-fi calling option is there. If it isn’t, then you are stuck!

Here: - the Wi-fi setting is there, but the phone doesn’t connect.....only to data connection.

When it does connect, it can take up to a minute for the display to show it, presumably as the data signal strength varies. Once connected it remains connected to Wi-fi calling ( if you are stationary).

Somehow the phone used 1MB of data in deciding - or that’s what MyBt says......not much to complain about.

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Re: iPhone XS Not Compatible with Wi-Fi Calling

Interesting, it says BT WiFiCall (top left) on the notification screen but No and Not Compatible everywhere!

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