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landline down and broadband slow

So it wasnt till i got a message saying," i rung you at home: that i realised my landline wasnt working also on reporting to bt it seems my broadband is slower, so do i get compensationfor my services been down ?, is it automatic or do i have to reply ime anoyed things arnt right but dont know for how long.

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Re: landline down and broadband slow

Automatic compensation is currently suspended because of Covid and would of only applied for a total loss of service after 48 hours have passed since reporting the fault.

Best thing is ring up, report it and let Openreach fix it.

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Re: landline down and broadband slow

Its reported and everything but my phone from home is my job and i dont know when the fauly occured, its cost me a lot of money so far,  i just thought it was quiet checked the phone and its not worling and the broadband is very slow.

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Re: landline down and broadband slow

You could ask for a credit for the daily rate, the line rental element is £20.20 per month or about 65p per day, I know people are working from home more due to Covid but loss of earnings isn't part of a residential agreement, It would be a business account for different service level agreements that would cover losses.

If this is something you intened to do for a long time, give the BT business team a call on 0800 800 152, there is a residential to business process.

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