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new line connection

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moved into new home and was told there was already a line to property when Openreach engineer arrived to connect line/broadband he found the cable from pole had been cut, (probably the developer/contractor who built two new houses adjacent but of course no evidence).  Openreach now want me to cut down a tree that is in sight line of pole/house - problem is it's in my neighbours garden and it's about 25/30ft - suppose it could be topped but whose responsible for arranging/cost ?   Openreach want it done before they will come out and do a survey for best route for line connection. The engineer did find the remains of the line in the trees close to the pole - isn't it their responsibility to restore the line ?? any advise please.




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Re: new line connection

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Who have you asked to provide your phone service?

This is a BT Retail customer forum, and has nothing to do with Openreach.

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