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on line order

No idea if this is the correct place to ask this question so please help.  I have made an on line order for calls and broadband  to start in October. Our present contract end in November but when I tried to have the new contract start then the calendar only went up to October  so I settled for that as we are just continuing with what we have and  there will be no change to our prices.

On my orders page it says this order will start in October and lists Halo and calls which is all fine. It  says it is an open order. However on the same page it also says "auto undo order" also for October, same day as new order. What is this? This undo order is "pending". Why is the order being undone, I want it to go through, or does it refer to my existing contract. All very confusing, can somebody please explain. Thanks. 


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Re: on line order

are you an existing BT customer renewing contract or are you switching provider from another ISP?

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Re: on line order

Existing BT customer.We have Halo 1 and unlimited calls on landline and contract ends in November.We simply want it to continue as we are so ordered same again. Order is showing and seems okay but we also have this “Auto undo order” and no idea what it means.







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Re: on line order

@musician2 Hi, If there is an auto undo order I do believe this is for cancellation of the open order however, if it is pending this should stop this from happening.

I would recommend calling the connections/orders team on 0800 800 150 op. 2 'Questions about your order' and an agent will be able to check the account to make sure everything is in order for your new contract in October.

I hope this provides a bit more clarity for you 😀



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