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problem with app on Samsung TV

I'm asking on behalf of a relative who is trying to use the BT Sport app on her Samsung UE40JU6400KXXU TV. Not only does it not work, but it stopped other apps (iPlayer, Netflix) from working as well. Wondering if anyone can shed any light on this?


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Re: problem with app on Samsung TV

Hi @crensdale 

There a few threads on the forum about issues experienced with running the BT Sport app on Samsung TVs. That model  from a Google search seems to be a 2015 model.  
I think you would need to give a few more details of what actually is experienced when running the app . An issue with one app shouldn’t affect the TV running other apps unless the TV is not exiting the app. 

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Re: problem with app on Samsung TV

From what I can gather, after BT SPort was installed, she was unable to play anything in either Netflix or iPlayer, and on iPlayer she actually had a garbled mixture of BT Sport and something else. Resetting the TV got them working again.

I tried to find information about what TVs are supported but couldn't.

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Re: problem with app on Samsung TV

the last post I saw earlier this year said samsung tv from 2015 models were supported

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Re: problem with app on Samsung TV

Samsung 2015 and later are currently supported for the BT TV and BT Sport apps.
I don't believe it to be possible for the BT Sport app to change the behaviour of any other app on the device, and certainly not to appear over the top or inside other apps. Sounds like something went pretty wrong on that TV, but glad a reset has sorted it.
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