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"700 Anytime Minutes" showing as "Unlimited Weekend Calls"

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We were previously on Unlimited Anytime Calls.

We got the circular yesterday saying they were moving us to Unlimited Minutes for an extra £4.50 per month, or we could switch to 700 Anytime Minutes. So we switched to 700 Anytime Minutes using the link provided (more than enough minutes for us).

But now MyBT is showing that we have Unlimited Weekend Calls (not 700 Anytime Minutes). The MyBT app shows the same. But if we try to "upgrade" the calling package it says "You currently have 700 Anytime Minutes".

So, which calling package are we on? Is this just a bug in the MyBT Packages section showing the wrong package name?

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Re: "700 Anytime Minutes" showing as "Unlimited Weekend Calls"

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This morning the account is now saying 700 minutes - guess it just took 3 days to update  😀

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Re: "700 Anytime Minutes" showing as "Unlimited Weekend Calls"

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Phoned BT today regarding family e-mail on increase of £4.50 for month for new truly unlimited landline / mobile.

It mentioned £4.50 inc default 700 plan but no cost for it and then went onto when to serve notice etc.

Really poor email to my mind.

Was told repeatedly this AM by tele operator - as had the unlimited weekend calls on old plan - could not get the £7 / 700 min deal - without renegotiating the monthly rolling package - and accepting lock in.

I asked repeatedly and pointed out the e-mail did not tell me this. Did not sway her conviction.

In this case our old plan has matured and rolling over monthly - but now confused - as this post suggests possibly can have ?

So where can I find definitive answer as to whether can reduce costs to £7 or have to pay full £15 ?

Max ever in last 15 months - was below 700 cap - even with LD increase - so £7 of interest.

We do not want to fix - due to family circumstances.

Apologies if should not post in a solved thread - but didn't want to fill up board with same topic repeats.

Thanks for any help.


Oops - read a few pages down to

Seems to be the advisor was right according to the last page.  Will discuss options with family.


However confused why it appears to have allowed alanbroad to select on line here.

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Re: "700 Anytime Minutes" showing as "Unlimited Weekend Calls"

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Pretty sure that when I switched to the 700 Minutes I did have to agree to a new contract. I didn't think I inferred otherwise in my original post. I don't mind the lock-in as we don't have any other broadband providers here that can supply FTTP anyway.

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