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"Complete WiFi" for existing customers

Hi there,

I'm having trouble with my WiFi range on a 50Gb FTP contract.

I'm having problems with the range of my WiFi.

I see that NEW customers on a 50Gb contract get "Complete WiFi" included (for about the same price as I am paying).

If I look at the upgrades available to me I can only get the "Complete WiFi" option, by signing up for a 159Gb contract which costs LOADS more than I am paying.

How come new customers get a better service than existing customers.

Doesn't seem fair to me.



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Re: "Complete WiFi" for existing customers

As far as I can figure out, retention deals are linked to customer value, ie. Customer spend. I have BB, TV and mobile through BT and my total bill is around £130 per month. The retention deals I get are generally very very good and more often than not include price freezes, reductions or free stuff and reductions. My last renewal was for my mobile and I got a better package, with a free Pixel 4A and a £12 per month reduction. This has generally been the trend for the last 5 years

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Re: "Complete WiFi" for existing customers

Call the options team & see what offer you can get if you don't want the upgraded speed

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Re: "Complete WiFi" for existing customers

That doesn't bode very well for us. We are on the minimum FTP contract that was available, which is about all we can afford.
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Re: "Complete WiFi" for existing customers

I'll give the options team a try, but I never seem to get on very well.

I'm too scared to threaten cancellation, especially when we have no high speed alternative available.

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