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Re: radio interference with streaming music through my wifi

The snag is that most people using the forum will either be using a BT hub or a third party NON ISP router.  Very few will be using a Virgin Hub.  The interference you describe is something I have not come across before.  If changing the wireless channel doesn't fix the issue then a good router is likely the only option.  ISP supplied kit is hardly 'state of the art' equipment.  It's designed for the masses who have limited expectations of functionality.

I get the feeling that if it was Radar interference there would be a lot more complaints of a similar nature on the forum.  Got to be a lot of BT customers around Portsmouth.  I'm not saying you are wrong it just seems unlikely given the lack of similar issues.

Emailed a friend who stays in Rosyth not far from the dockyard.  He's never heard of similar issues locally.

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Re: radio interference with streaming music through my wifi

@KenH wrote:

Unless BT are funding this site, which I doubt, then there is no legal, contractual or moral reason why everyone should not use it. The problem in this instance will have a common solution to any radio communications.

BT are.

I doubt there will be a common solution, it will probably entail changes to device specific settings.

There is no reason you can't post but its a bit like posting on an Ford forum about a problem with a Vauxhall, unlikely to get meaningful answers.


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