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recording internet channels

Hi all, I have an issue which i cant seem to get resolved by BT, every time i try to record an internet channel,  the recording fails, all the internet channels fail and my internet drops out. BUT, if i cancel my recording, with 30 seconds the internet comes back and i can watch all my channels. there is an ongoing issue at BT.s end that has been going on since the 16th November. are they related or is there another issue. BTW i have done a full factory rset on my box, didnt help.  Thanx in advance

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Re: recording internet channels

Hi @greymadmax 

Can you elaborate as to what you understand the other issue that has been ongoing since 16th November  ?..  if it is a line or broadband issue then it could impact your BT TV use.

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Re: recording internet channels

I went on to raise a fault, entered phone number, it then said there is an ongoing fault, authenticate with acc number and it showed the ongoing fault. I don't know if it's connected as I can't talk to anyone. 

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