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smart hub 2 question


I have received a letter informing me of an upgrade to my broadband on the 17/7/20 and that I will receive a BT smart hub 2. I did not request an upgrade but understand that by 2025 or maybe later copper will be switched off and everyone will be on fibre.

I am a light user on broadband, computer is wired via ethernet to router. I have seen photos of the smart hub 2 and it has four ethernet ports on the back. Can I wire my computer via ethernet to one of these ports and switch off wi fi on the hub and connect to internet.I am not very technical and would appreciate any help.

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Re: smart hub 2 question

Yes you can.

You will have to log on to the *hub manager, select advanced settings, wireless and set the two soft switches to OFF

edit: *Open a browser, go to

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Re: smart hub 2 question

Hi thanks for the info.

A few other questions

Bt  has said they will switch off copper connection on 17/07/20 and I will then be on fibre,but wiring from exchange to house will still be copper so will I see any improvement in speed.

Also by switching wi fi off permanently will this have any effect as I would prefer not to have wi fi on and use ethernet to connect.

Finally  I note the price for the free upgrade is double what I would get as a new customer. Can I get a better deal as I do not seem to have a contract.

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Re: smart hub 2 question

Having wireless turned off permanently will have no adverse effect.

Your broadband will no longer come from the exchange but from the cabinet.

For a deal ring retentions 0800 800 030.

To see what speeds you can expect enter your phone number HERE. Post the result after removing phone number.

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Re: smart hub 2 question

BT checker 2.jpg

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Re: smart hub 2 question

You should see a massive increase in speed but looking at the figures on the checker, you are currently getting very low speeds compared with the estimate for your line.

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