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Re: speed issue outside home

You cant check noise on line (digital)

My issues is they keep dropping the minimum to suit what i am getting.

Already had BT out a few times and its at their end as i have explained when i last posted.

Going to have to phone them again and get the spreadsheet i suppose with such exciting questions like “have you restarted your router”

Cant see why an exchange can go from 70mb to 45mb then 32mb and its not fluctuations once it goes down it stays there.


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Re: speed issue outside home

Now down to 30mb and stay fast guarantee is now down to 26
As its past the new guarantee BT now refuse to do anything

Contract up on 5th jan so might just move to sky as i am wasting my life away always on the phone to BT

Also last engineer moved my wires in cabinet as they were lose would where the wires are make a difference
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Re: speed issue outside home

Sky use the same pair of wires from the cabinet, so the speed will be the same.

Speed will drop as more customers connect to the cabinet. This is caused by crosstalk between copper cable pairs which were never designed to carry broadband.

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Re: speed issue outside home

Going from 60mb to 30 mb in two years in an area where no new houses have been built seems odd where are all the new customers coming from?
Also as everytime engineers come out they say problem in the cabinet(9) Fraserburgh and get speed back up from 30mb to 45mb which is not the 62mb i was getting but better than 30mb i am getting now.
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Re: speed issue outside home

When fttp becomes available will this connect to the same cabinet or go direct to the exchange

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Re: speed issue outside home

FTTP doesn't go to the cabinet. It might not even go to your local exchange, but rather a headend exchange.

The speed drop isn't due to the number of customers in the cabinet per se, crosstalk is a function of pairs in a cable interfering with each other, ergo, the more pairs in use the higher the chance of crosstalk.

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